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Integra International Re-Elects Brian Hunter To The Global Board At Integra International 2018 AGM

Vancouver, Canada (November 2, 2018) – Integra International is pleased to announce an additional two-year term for Brian Hunter, CPA at its recent election during the Global Conference in Florence, Italy.   


Mr. Hunter is Partner at Fenner Melstrom & Dooling, and has more than 31 years in the accounting and tax profession and serves as a business advisor to a wide-range of closely-held, for-profit business.   Brian is also a recognized expert in global business expansion. He is the Global Vice Chair and Regional President (Americas, Asia, and Australia) of Integra International. Brian has served in leadership roles on multiple boards, both public and private, including the Board of Trustees for the Community Foundation of Greater Rochester and Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester, Michigan.

Integra International is an interactive Global Association of local independent accounting, taxation, auditing, and business consulting firms dedicated to advising businesses around the world. Our member firms contain more than 4,000 CPAs, Cas, and Business Advisors, who share knowledge openly and regularly. In a global marketplace, Integra helps its members function like a global firm, able to help their clients no matter where in the world business takes them. Members offer a wide-range of professional services to their clients, meeting their national and international needs.  The collective knowledge, education, and resources – both domestic and international – of the 4,000+ professionals involved in Integra International are available to members and their clients.

FMD Sponsors Murals In The Market Hosted By 1xRUN, LLC

Murals in the Market continues to enhance the Eastern Market experience and the district’s transformation into a must-see destination for arts, as well as food, in Detroit.  For the past six years, 1xRUN and the company’s fine art gallery, Inner State, have curated and produced over 100 murals in Eastern Market alone, and more than 200 murals throughout the city of Detroit.  With the creation of these murals, each area has seen a significant visual impact on the surrounding neighborhood as well as increased traffic, additional economic development, and increased safety.

In addition to creating new murals, Murals in the Market also hosts many events during the festival including panel discussions, artists dinners, meet and greet opportunities, site-specific installations, block parties, nighttime events that coordinate with Eastern Market After Dark, and more!  Murals in the Market is more than an international mural festival, it’s a creative platform that inspires and encourages community engagement using public art as a vessel.

FMD is proud to sponsor Murals in the Market hosted by 1xRUN, LLC that took place on September 22, 2018.  

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FMD Hosts Team-Building Mixer At Rebel Nell


Rebel Nell exists to break down barriers and liberate potential through transitional employment opportunities. FMD supports Rebel Nell, a company focusing on women's empowerment, financial literacy and management, and entrepreneurship, and is inspired by Rebel Nell's message.       

The FMD ladies had a blast at Rebel Nell in Detroit learning about its vibrant, bold, and compassionate community. Thank you to the hardworking ladies at Rebel Nell, who create unique, wearable art from fallen layers of graffiti. The FMD team admires your strength, confidence, and passion.       

Thank you, Rebel Nell, for hosting a wonderful evening filled with women empowerment.

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