Technology Companies

The management of today’s technology companies are faced with highly competitive markets subject to rapid and extreme levels of change. This results in a variety of unique operational, financial, and organizational challenges and concerns.

These concerns include:

  • Access to financing and investors

  • Debt versus equity ownership structures

  • Proper entity selection

  • Revenue recognition requirements

  • Capitalization of software development costs

  • Financial and tax accounting methods

  • Employee compensation and benefits

  • Worker classification issues

  • Research and development tax credits

  • Multi-state taxation considerations

  • International operations and taxation

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Business succession

Fenner, Melstrom & Dooling’s (FMD) dedication and experience with experts in the technology industry enable our professionals to understand the day-to-day challenges faced by business owners, so we can provide practical ideas and solutions that deliver results.

With our professionals, who think like business owners, and close relations with a variety of corporate partners, we combine the strength of financial, tax, and operational expertise, so that our clients can reach their highest potential. 

We treat your business as our own: spending time at your facilities, participating in your planning, and assigning senior professionals to guide you.  Our hands-on structure is key for advancement and growth in a variety of technology disciplines including:

  • Software development

  • Advanced and robotic manufacturing

  • E-Commerce

  • IT Services