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Tips for Business Travelers

   Be Sure About Rental Car Insurance

This summer, whether you’re driving for business or pleasure, you may want to rent a car. If so, you’ll likely be driving an unfamiliar vehicle on unknown roads. What’s more, you’ll encounter other (perhaps many other) motorists in similar circumstances. You can’t overlook the chance you’ll be involved in an accident.

Obviously, your first priority is to avoid injuring yourself, your passengers, and any others. Still, you’ll also want to minimize your financial exposure, so it will pay to have the right insurance in place.

Protection begins at home

Your first line of defense lies in the coverage you already have. Check your auto insurance policy and your excess liability (umbrella) policy to see what—if anything—they say about rental cars.Call your insurance agent to double check. If there is coverage, see if there are exclusions for rental cars.

Does the coverage apply to long-term rentals or to rentals in a foreign country you may be visiting? If traveling for business, ask how that affects your coverage.If you feel your coverage is inadequate, your agent might be able to offer you additional insurance for car rentals. Weigh the added cost versus the extra protection you’ll get.

Remember, your greatest exposure might be liability, if you injure someone while driving the rental car.After discussing your plans, send an email to the agent, summarizing the conversation, and have the agent respond, so you’ll have a record of what you were told.