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Business Succession and Disaster Planning

Business owners should have an exit strategy: a plan for the time when they’re either unwilling or unable to keep running their company. Often, that planning can include a current disaster plan and a future long-term succession plan for a smooth path to retirement.


Worst case scenarios


No matter how young or how healthy you are, you’re not immune to tragedy. Therefore, business owners should have a disaster plan, which might be called a continuity plan or something similar. Such a plan can protect you, your family and your business in case of death or disability.


To understand why such a plan is vital, consider what might happen in its absence.


Example: John Smith is the sole shareholder of the successful John Smith Co. After a fatal auto accident, his widow Jane inherits John’s shares. At such a time, Jane will have to find a buyer and negotiate the terms of the sale. Jane may have a difficult time getting full value for this profitable business.


Alternatively, John might lose his ability to work full-time. In the absence of a disaster plan, John...


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