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FMD Updates

Helpful Computer Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a number of keyboard shortcuts built into the Windows operating system that can help improve a computer user’s efficiency and ease of use when at work or at play on the computer. For something a little different for this month’s FMD newsletter, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite useful keyboard shortcut commands. These commands will work on modern versions of the Windows OS as well as most applications.


Note: When you see “WinKey” mentioned, that is the key that contains the windows logo and will be present on most keyboards, usually found resting between the Ctrl and Alt keys (or near an fn key on a laptop keyboard).


WinKey + D: Minimizes all open applications at once, allowing you to see your desktop.


WinKey + E: Opens Windows explorer


WinKey + L: Instantly locks your desktop without logging you off, requiring your password to unlock.


WinKey + Tab: This will show you a 3D sort of stack of all of your open folders and apps. If you continue holding down the WinKey and tap Tab, you will cycle through your applications! You can also use the mouse-wheel to...

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