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Handy Apps for Everyday Use

For our April newsletter, Our IT Director would like to share some choice applications and utilities that he has found useful in hopes that you might as well! These services and applications listed below are also no cost for personal use! That is, unless you choose to purchase a more feature-rich version of the product.

Ninite is a service that offers you the ability to build a downloadable installation package that installs a number of commonly used programs at once. For instance, if you purchase a brand new computer and your favorite applications (Skype, Chrome, Dropbox, and iTunes) are not already installed, you can visit ninite.com, select these 4 programs from the list of apps and click the “Get Your Ninite” button and you’ll receive an installer that will load all 4 of those apps up at once. No need to go to each individual website to download and manually install each application. It’sa handy tool that can save a good bit of time!

LibreOffice - https://www.libreoffice.org/

LibreOffice is a free, open-source, office productivity suite similar to Microsoft Office......

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