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Want to Postpone Required Minimum Distributions to Future Years?

Then deferred income annuities might be right for you. Deferred income annuities (DIAs) recently have become popular. New regulations from the U.S. Treasury Department may increase their appeal, opening the way for so-called “longevity” annuities inside IRAs and employer retirement plans.

Later rather than sooner
With a DIA, you pay an insurance company now in return for a predetermined amount of cash flow in the future.

Example 1: Grace Palmer is age 55, planning to retire at 65. She buys an income annuity now for $100,000. Depending on the specific features Grace requests, if she starts to receive payments immediately, she might get around $400 a month ($4,800 a year) as long as she lives.

Instead, Grace agrees to wait until she retires at 65 to start payments. In return for giving up her money for 10 years, with no return, Grace might get lifelong annual payouts of $800 a month. (Exact amounts will depend on the contract terms and the annuity issuer.)

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