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FMD Updates

Michigan Form 5278 & the Essential Services Assessment

On or around February 22, 2016, many qualified businesses filed, for the first time, the eligible manufacturing personal property tax exemption (Form 5278, Affidavit and Statement for Eligible Manufacturing Personal Property). Within the filing instructions accompanying Form 5278, taxpayer’s were informed that some of their personal property is exempt from ad valorem taxation and is instead subject to the Essential Services Assessment (ESA). The ESA is a reduced assessment on personal property that has been determined to be predominantly used in industrial processing or direct integrated support. The instructions also indicated that an electronic statement would be available from the Michigan Department of Treasury as of May 1, 2016 and that full payment must be submitted electronically no later than August 15, 2016.

A taxpayer’s electronic ESA Statement is created by the Department of Treasury based upon the information contained in Form 5278. The statement is now available through Michigan Treasury Online (MTO). In order to access the ESA, the taxpayer must register with the MTO and can do so through....

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