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Identity Theft:

Protecting Your Identity In Our Cyber World

Identity theft is a term with which too many of us have become personally familiar. Here at FMD, we see evidence of identity theft when an e-filed tax return is rejected because the IRS already received a tax return with the same social security number or our clients inform us they have received a notice from the IRS (or Michigan) asking if they recently filed their tax return and they haven’t even been in to see us yet.


Recent articles have proclaimed that in 2016 nearly 15.4 million consumers were victims of identity theft or fraud and lost nearly $16 billion as a result. These are disconcerting statistics to say the least. Hopefully, you weren’t one of the many victims.


Protecting your identity in this age of computers, internet, social media, and “smart phones” requires diligence on many fronts:


Reducing your risk

• Never carry your social security card or any document with your SSN on it.
• Never give out your SSN or other personal information unless you initiated the contact and/or know the person to whom you are providing the information.
• Never provide your SSN in an unprotected e-mail or on social media.
• Protect your personal information by storing your hardcopy personal documents in...

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