As the global marketplace becomes increasingly interconnected, the US government has drastically increased its disclosure and reporting requirements for international holdings and transactions. As a result, taxpayers can easily become overwhelmed by the tax issues related to international investments and business. 

Fenner, Melstrom & Dooling, PLC has the domestic expertise and the international contacts to plan for and to meet our clients’ global tax compliance requirements, while delivering the individual attention and trusted advice that our clients expect. The professionals in this group specialize in matters including:

  • U.S. filing requirements for inpatriates and expatriates
  • Disclosure requirements related to U.S. ownership of foreign property or a foreign business, including Foreign Bank Account Reporting (“FBAR”)
  • U.S. withholding requirements associated with foreign ownership of a U.S. entity
  • Planning and strategy to maximize the U.S. tax benefits of doing business internationally
  • Foreign tax credit
  • Determining the U.S. business classification of a foreign business entity

Fenner, Melstrom & Dooling, PLC services include:

Accounting & Auditing

  • Audits, reviews, and compilations of financial statements 
  • Financial forecasts and projections 
  • Cash flow projections/management 
  • Audits of employee benefit plans 
  • Budgeting and financial consulting 
  • Para-professional accounting assistance 
  • Internal control review and design

Business Advisory Services

  • Corporate strategic planning
  • Business development and restructuring
  • Business succession planning
  • Crisis management
  • Debt restructure
  • Buy and sell side business planning (M&A)
  • Benchmarking
  • Risk management/insurance review
  • Wealth preservation/financial planning
  • Fraud prevention analysis

Tax Compliance & Planning

  • Federal, state, and local tax compliance and planning
  • Federal, state, and local tax credits and incentives
  • Business formation and entity structure planning
  • Real estate cost segregation studies
  • Federal, state, and local tax controversy representation
  • Gift and estate tax planning